Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teaching is through, what have I gotten myself into

Ok, so I am REALLY new to the whole blog thing. It will be interesting on how long it lasts for me!

It started in November 2010, when I was asked by my bestie if I was interested in designing a CD (all artwork) for the HSB (Houston Symphonic Band). So I say sure. I think this was the starting point of my body scratching at me, and say "set me free"

After a few weeks and presenting my work before the director, he was very pleased of my work.

Then I do some business cards, Christmas cards and random misc items. So December 21, 2010 I went to Richmond, TX to the County Clerk and filed my DBA "Expressionistic Designs" Yes it is mine! After all the names I was thinking of, all of them were actual companies. Darn, but I love my name I chose. Some are hesitant, but who cares what the name of the company is, when you see good work.

So I filed my company, and here we go...

My name is Thea Drake, I am the owner/CEO of "Expressionistic Designs", Since my CD art for HSB at Christmas, I have worked on a manuscript for a coworker since March 2011. There were MANY long nights (bed after 11:30, to wake up at 4:45) At last, the book is on it's way to the author, and hope to get my copy soon!! gives you a sneak peak of the book. I am now working on to finish my SECOND CD artwork for HSB for their American Composers CD!

I also just presented to a security company business cards and quotes for other services and after they reviewed over 5 companies, they really liked mine!  Makes me feel good for the compliments, but sometimes I just don't believe that people are saying my work is as good as they say.

Now I am off to finish some items for Ms. Gistarb. Nite!

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